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imageFind great trading opportunities with live order books, advanced charting, and real-time cross-exchange price comparison. Trade with trailing stops on 25+ exchanges. Get instantly notified the moment your target price has been reached, the moment support level has been broken, order executed, Kucoin or token listed on Coinbase Pro. Attach take profit and stop loss to any order you send. Send orders to any exchange from a single intuitive mobile-first interface.

Connect all your exchange accounts via API and stay on top of your trading positions 24/7. Advanced crypto trade bot trading terminal in your pocket. Fat-finger protection notifies you whenever you risk making an erroneous trade. Track your crypto portfolio in real-time across all exchanges and blockchain wallets. Check historical performance, import orders and kucoin positions, receive incoming transaction and order execution alerts. Industrial-grade encryption and proactive threat detection heuristics ensure your API keys and personal data security.

Мы пытаемся одобрять только только корректные медиа. Создатели сайта не несут ответственности за содержимое. Дисклеймер: Все каналы, группы, боты и стикеры были добавлены участниками. Если вы обнаружили проблему, пожалуйста свяжитесь со мной на английском, на странице Свяжитесь с Нами page.

The Trading Bot also provides free investment education services on-demand If you have any kind of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can use crypto bot, you could call us at our internet site. for traders. Moreover, its strategic functions will provide the best of convenience and time-saving. Although there are competing solutions on the market, KuCoin’s Trading Bot will receive continuous updates and optimizations. Over 2.5 million KuCoin users use the free Trading Bot, and the team will launch more trading bots in the future. This is what KuCoin – one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, tries to achieve with the launch of its KuCoin Trading Bot.

However, there are certain solutions that may take away the hurdle by automating the process and allowing you to potentially enjoy passive income. This is what makes cryptocurrency trading so challenging. We are on a mission to give traders an edge in the markets. All your exchanges, one secure platform: ✔️ Trading: Trade in real time Bitcoin, Ether and 1,500+ assets and 9,000+ pairs on 20+ crypto exchanges. ✔️ Portfolio Tracking: Monitor your balance and asset allocation.

ATANI is the platform for crypto trade bot traders. ✔️ Tax Reports: Download your free tax report in one click. We enable multi-exchange trading, portfolio tracking and tax reporting from a single intuitive interface, and have partnered with some of the top exchanges (Binance, OKEx, KuCoin, Bitfinex, Poloniex. ✔️ Price Alerts: Receive SMS, phone call and email alerts to never miss a trade. ✔️ Charting: Enjoy the best TradingView tools for technical analysis.

Download the ATANI desktop app (available for Mac, Windows and Linux) and get started for free now at: https://bit.

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