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7 months agoUnlike other tools, Gunbot is NOT a subscription service and charges zero markup on trades. Gunbot allows you to Fully Automate your crypto trade bot Trading. Support automated trading on spot and margin exchanges. I was making some profits for the past month or so and then this happened. Very disappointing to say the least. For me, I have been making a loss for my bots for the past few days. Well it can be very hard to predict which crypto trade bot asset will tank.

So yes, it is still very dependent on market forces. I would also recommend those interested to diversify their assets as well. You should go with a few trading bots instead of just dumping everything into one. I try to avoid using trading bots with Bitcoin if possible – BTC is usually less volatile compared to altcoins. For me, I go for one trade in meme coins, one in layer 1 coins and maybe 1 or 2 in other tokens as well. So grid trading will not be that profitable if you ask me.

This was due to the dip recently. So diversifying into different assets is actually a hedge as well. You can pick a single expert and start following their strategy quickly — any actions they take in their account will be replicated in yours (in proportion). Zignaly is a copy-trading platform designed to connect experienced cryptocurrency traders to users who have no idea (or no time) to trade. Including API setup for Kucoin sub-accounts, Autotrade Setup, and running the script on trading view.

Full explanation of how the algorithm works 2. Support all the way to set up and automate your trades for Kucoin. "The bot calls are crafted in a very skillful manner, creating a sense of urgency and trust over the phone. The calls rely on fear, convincing the victims to act to ‘avoid’ fraud in their account," the report said. As a crypto trader, you might have heard of KuCoin (and the KuCoin trading bot) already — it’s one of the largest exchanges in the industry.

It’s no surprise its volume exceeds 25 million USD each day. KuCoin supports in excess of 400 markets and kucoin is used by more than five million people. In taking action they think will protect them, they actually expose themselves to thieves. But this new type of fraud goes right at that 2FA code, and it uses people’s fear of their accounts being hacked against them. See which trades were recently made, or are about to happen. Get push notifications on Telegram.

Useful charts with the exact data Gunbot works with. Edit your strategy or pairs from any device. Backtest Gunbot strategies on TradingView, for any time frame or market. Gunthy offers a complete solution for crypto trading. installed on your own computer or server. "Once the victim inputs that 2FA code, or any other information that they requested the victim put in their phone, that information gets sent to the bot," Kelley said.

The bot "then automatically sends it to the cybercriminal, who then has access to the victim’s account.

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