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They offer a specialised experience for their clients, and they also make it super easy for you to be part of the crypto market without having to know everything about it already. Again, we don’t think that it hurts that you can take them on the go. Although the smart sell feature available via the SmartTrade hub might appear somewhat complex at first, it can act as a highly valuable tool once you’ve got your head around it. In its most basic form, the smart sell feature allows you to sell a specific coin, or group of coins, and then buy them back at a later date.

For this, you can customize your own bot, or simply follow the trading strategies of a bot created by another user. On the other hand, if you do like the sound of what the automated bot offers, then pricing starts at just $37 per month. We’ve covered everything from how the bot works, what it allows you to do, pricing, and more. If you are thinking about using 3Commas for your automated trading endeavors, then we would suggest reading our comprehensive review first. Just remember though that a crypto trading bot is, at the end of the day, just a piece of software, which means that there is no guarantee of a profit for any investor out there, no matter how dedicated you are to the cause.

imageSocial trading: We think that it is really important to be part of a community that trades, crypto trade bot and a good cryptocurrency trading bot is going to have a marketplace, so that you can stay in touch with the community and learn from how they are implementing their own cryptocurrency trading bots. It is possible to have many trading bots running simultaneously. That is a major benefit that makes the crypto trading bots stand out as better solutions you can get.

In turn, you get a smoother equity curve and can potentially make more money. By trading several strategies and crypto trade bot bot markets, you significantly reduce your level of risk. Another major reason that led to the rise in popularity of Cryptohopper is its ease of usage, particularly for the novice. It is an advantage to the new traders who should not worry about settling trading signals for their bot. This bot has integrated seamlessly with an external trading signaller.

Hence, anyone can start using the bot by operating it on autopilot. As the prices fluctuate, the crypto trading bot will constantly and automatically place limit orders to profit from the spread. Most of the market making bot traders are affiliated with the projects they are trading. Necesitas una dirección de correo electrónico o número de teléfono en el que recibirás un código. Y ya formarás parte de la comunidad de KuCoin.

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